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Betty, Born in Israel in 1963, lives in Givatayim.

After her military service, she studied architecture

and interior design at the Technion, and then sculpture

and painting within the framework of the Painters and

Sculptors Association.

After about a decade in the field of design and creativity,

she has undergone professional retraining for

complementary medicine and project management.

In recent years, she returned to painting and completed

a year of studies in the "Hatachana" school and a number of workshops in similar frameworks.

Betty is visually impaired following an inherited eye disease that broke out when she was thirty. The return to the world of art and painting in particular is made possible by the combination of knowledge and determination.

Betty currently paints mainly oil on canvas. Her paintings are characterized by spontaneous realism. Most of the characters are based on familiar figures from her world with the intention of expressing an idea or a statement. The landscapes are usually based on photographs and memories. The selection of the composition is influenced by Betty's visual impairment and it allows for a unique perspective.

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"  Painting is a world full of colors and shapes and lots of light and darkness and what is between them, what passes through them and what remains for those who look at them. It is a world that begins with thought and intention and becomes a two dimensional visual illusion that has infinite depth. Anyone who begins to paint and is captivated by magic finds himself addicted.
The day I learned that I am losing  my sight I thought it is over. That I will never be able to paint again. I packed all the colors and brushes and placed them under a pile of useless stuff, folded defeated and abandoned. I gave up.
Years later, whenever I wanted to paint a small voice in my head whispered to me that "you can not, you can hardly see." Until I was fed up. I was fed up with the inability. I took out the brushes, stroked them like they were a forgotten kitten. Their touch and the smell of an old turpentine awakened an old passion and painful desire. I started to paint again. Step by step, lines and shapes and it was not simple. It's still not simple. I have traces of sight that are disappearing and every work is a planned project as if I was I as an athlete training for the Olympics. In every one of the paintings, between the brushes strokes there is my breathings. Every paint has a small piece of who I am. Every paint from the moment I finished it and it goes away is no longer belongs to me, it belongs to you. What I see is no longer irrelevant. What you see, that's what matters. When someone feels that he must owes one paint or another, I know I did the best I could. And I won. "

Some of the works were not put up and some of them are probably drying up right now ...
All formats are in oil paint on canvas.
Additional paintings are uploaded periodically to the Facebook page.

- Solo exhibition in Kibuts Youtveta, January, 2019
- Group exhibition in "Haagam Gallery" in Raanana' November 2018
- "Na Lagaat" center in Jaffa, October 2018
- Solo exhibition:
"Realistic" - Moshav Movement House, Tel Aviv, January-March 2018
"Blind Day" exhibition - Jerusalem, Knesset Israel, June 2017
"Israel from the Bird's Eye" exhibition - Jerusalem Theater, October 2017
Exhibition "Artists Artists Artists" - Allenby Farm, February 2017

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